"3D printing", "additive manufacturing", "direct metal deposition" - all of these are keywords connected to modern and innovative manufacturing methods. "4M" stands for Machine for Multi-Material Manufacturing and heads for its goal to develop an industrial, "plug&play" ready machine to manufacture 3D parts in size of meters out of materials relevant for aerospace and space applications such as titanium, aluminium and alloys thereof.

Our PTA System "4M" shows following features:

  • Easy to use system based on well established PTA technology nowadays used for hard and tough coatings.
  • Concepts to realize multi-matierals, gradients and multilayers.
  • Use of powders and its enormous variety of starting materials.
  • Fast deposition and building rates for threedimensional build-up.
  • Flexible setup, designed to be upgraded for large 3D parts, starting with a base of 1.5x1.5 meters

For starting the project, the system is designed to work with aluminium and titanium alloys. Further material systems, including composites, will follow. Within our running EU Project (H2020-SMEINST-2-2014) we will realize three different demonstrators to be tested under space relevant conditions.


Michael Kitzmantel

Additive manaufacturing is a ruptive technology with the potential to change the way of designing, producing and delivering products. We have tons of ideas, but we can't really imagine how this technology will influence our thinking and our business in the near future.
We want to be part of this and focus on the arising demand for customized produced large scale parts out of metals, mainly light weight and mechanically stressable.
4M will take us there.

Michael Kitzmantel RHP


Targeting light weight materials for space applications like Titanium and Aluminium alloys.

In aercraft and space industry light weight materials are highly welcomed in several fields of application. Additive manufacturing is a process that brings the element of complexity at no additional cost to the customer. The callenging part for R&D are the materials to be used for this promising technology. Especially when desiring for large size geometries of one meter and longer.

Material selection to start off with 4M was falling on Aluminium alloys, Titanium, Titanium alloys and Titanium Composites. For the start we stick with powders as raw materials, as they allow direct physical mixing of components and additives followed by in-situ alloying or embedding if needed.


Hannover Messe 2016
25. - 29. April, Hannover, Germany
RHP: booth tbc.
MSTAM 2016
Material Science and Technology of Additive Manufacturing
17. - 18.2., Airbus, Bremen
MAMC 2016
Metal Additive Manufacturing Conference
24. - 25. November, Linz, Austria
RHP: Sponsor and booth

Past Events.

Airtec 2015
3.-5. November, Munich, Germany
RHP: booth D109/C3
Ceramitec 2015
20.-23. October, Munich, Germany
RHP: Booth 117/B1
ERFA Seminar "Additive Manufacturing"
16.10.2015, Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria


The aim of the project is the production of metal matrix composites and multi-materials which are e.g. combinations of metal matrix composites with metals / alloys by using a new freeform process. Metal matrix composites are very interesting for space applications due to their special properties in terms of mechanical or thermal properties.

The aim of the project is to integrate the metal matrix composite materials directly into assemblies / components by using a manufacturing technique called Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) technology, which also enables to build up 3D structures.

The aim of this project is to exploit a technology that is currently widely used for making hard coatings to offer the potential of combining a high building rate process for manufacturing of metal matrix composites or gradient structures with large geometrical dimensions in an economic way.

RHP-Technology GmbH

Forschungs- u. Technologiezentrum
2444 Seibersdorf, Österreich

We are specialists in powder technology and material development. Since more than 15 years the team of RHP is developing novel materials and technologies based on metal and/or ceramic powders. Our customized materials are used in various applications like the production of thin films for optical, tribological or magnetic layers. Besides that fields of application we deliver for are aerospace and space technologies, laser techniques, medicine and research for new systems in special engineering as well as for research centers in Europe, USA and Asia.

Our technologies we focus on for all our activities:
  • Hot pressing and rapid sinter pressing (including FAST/SPS, RSP, RHP, etc.)
  • Powder injection moulding (for ceramics and metals)
  • Additive Manufacturing (Polymers, Metals and Ceramics)
Throughout the past years we established a wide network and know-how on qualifying our materials for many applications and customers. Besides a variety of sputtering targets, customized functional materials optimized for Power Electronics, Photonics or Jewelry and Safety round off our protfolio of products.


Dr. Erich Neubauer
RHP-Technology GmbH


Aerospace&Advanced Composites GmbH

Viktor-Kaplan-Straße 2, building F
2700 Wiener Neustadt, Österreich

Aerospace & Advanced Composites GmbH provides research, devel­op­ment and engin­eering capab­il­ities in the fields of mater­ials, tech­no­logy and testing. The technology areas in which AAC is active are:

  • Space testing of materials and components;
  • Polymer Composites;
  • Inorganic Composites;
  • Micro-structural Analysis;
  • Mechanical Testing;

with a clear focus on aerospace and space applications. AAC is certified as ESA Test house.

In the field of Additive Manufacturing, AAC is active in different EU and ESA projects as prime contractor and partner. In addition, there are also customer-specific projects in this area.

AAC has built up special expertise in testing and evaluation of samples of different AM manufacturing processes and different materials for their mechanical (tensile, bending, fatigue, etc., even under extreme temperature conditions of liquid helium to 2000 ° C, static load, dynamic load), micro-structural and stress corrosion cracking properties. At component level, AAC has specialized equipment and expertise in running thermal cycling and outgassing tests.


Dr. Nils Stelzer, MSc.
Head of Inorganic Composites Group


Both SMEs involved in the project are rather young SMEs that have been started in 2010. While AAC is already a well known player in space relevant activities, especially in providing special testing and characterisation techniques to test materials under space relevant conditions, RHP can be considered as "newcomer". With strong background in material and process devlopment, RHP will develop and realize with the support of AAC a fully functional prototype for an additive manufacturing system based on a blown powder method in combination with a plasma arc system. In addition to the development of this "Machine for Multi-Material-Manufacturing (4M)", it will be used to realize large scale functional demonstrators which will be tested under space relevant conditions.

This project is supported by the European Commission under contract number 673817.


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